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“You’re too skinny.”, “Lose that baby fat already, boy you’re almost 17!”, “No one would date a muscular guy like you.” These are some of the comments that every man must have heard at least once in life. These are just a few of them. When it comes to people commenting on bodies, the list is endless. Body image is one’s thought, feeling and viewpoint about their own bodies. However, due to comments, beauty standards and personal thinking, one can develop a negative body image issue. Read on to discover some of the books on body image in men.

Popular cultures and media cover only women facing body image issues. However, men too face body image issues. These issues can lead to a number of physical and psychological concerns. 

Countless men indulge in fad dieting, extensive training and steroid abuse. Many of these men fall prey to psychological and eating disorders like body dysmorphia, bulimia and anorexia. 

A number of authors and health care professionals have come up with their works on body image issues in men.

Here are some of the books on body image issues in men:

Being You 

For a number of men, body image issues start from a very ripe age.

Young boys feel pressured to feel athletic and muscular. The desire to attain such a body can drive them to harm their physical and mental well-being.

It is difficult for teen boys to fathom the damage this can cause to themselves. 

Authored by Charlotte Markey, Daniel Hart and Douglas N. Zacher, ‘Being You’ is an insightful read filled with topics like puberty, diet, exercising, social media as well as real-life stories from young boys. 

Surprise your teen son with this self-help book. Trust me, it’ll be a great help for them!

Making Weight

Negative body image issues affect millions of women belonging to different age groups, every year. However, the section of individuals that we often overlook regarding this issue are men.

A number of men suffer from eating disorders and self-abusive behaviour. With the help of a number of doctors and health professionals, ‘Making Weight’ talks about ways to enhance self-image, steroid abuse and a section for women who want to help men to enhance their body image. 

It also contains anecdotes of their own patients and their journey towards overcoming their negative body image. 

The Adonis Complex

Body Image issues are covered in The Adonis Complex.

Titled after the Greek God ‘Adonis’, an epitome of exquisite standard of masculinity, the book talks about body image problems in men. 

Some of the subjects covered are: compulsive weightlifting, exercising, eating disorder, beauty standards and steroid abuse. The work uncovers a hidden syndrome that afflicts thousands of men and boys.

Performing Masculinity

Masculinity is a matter found in every genre and aspect of humankind, even in present day computer games!

‘Performing Masculinity’ is a piece of work that talks about the signs of masculinity found in a wide variety of contexts like literature, ballet, sports, music and film. 

I’ll cover you in $20 bills

As evocative the title sounds, the book covers the lives of men who make their living fostering the male image. Authored by Michael Rivers, the book talks about the male body beauty business. 

It contains the anecdotes of 17 men working in different professions like plastic surgeon, female impersonator, porn star as well as fitness trainer, model, athlete and an erotic masseau.


We all have encountered body image issues at some point. Body image has little to do with your actual appearance. It’s a picture created from perceptions and emotions. 

Reading some of the books would help one to overcome negative body image as well as show the different facades of body image in men. 

However, if you’re still unable to overcome body image issues, seeking professional help is an option. There are a number of counsellors and psychologists trained in the field of body image. 

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