Who are we?

We are not for Profit. We are for the Brotherhood

BFH Team

Instead of surfing around for loose fashion tips, poor management tips and mindless life hacks that you won’t go for, join our family of reliable experts and check out relevant posts that you can actually use. And we don’t serve mediocre.

Our Mission

From ages men have been told to behave in a certain way in our society. This puts a pressure on the well-being of males. We are here to lend a shoulder, we understand the highs and lows of life that a man has to go through and the stress that it can bring.

With the help of our experts and the content that we put in, we make sure that men are understood and given a space to be themselves. We do not believe in putting any kind of pressure on men to go out of their boundaries, just so that they can be accepted by society. Our mission is to provide men with self-confidence through our expert tips, that can help them be the better version of themselves. We are here to create a brotherhood.

We promise..

Our website promises:

  • The best and tested content for men.
  • Reliable advice from a team of experts.
  • A caring and helpful community.
  • Highlights what makes you a better man.

The Team

  • Deepti Dogra

    Deepti Dogra

    Deepti Dogra is working as a feature writer with Best For Him and has been incorporating ideas for men since a while. She believes that given a chance, men can be the best version of themselves, thanks to BFH. She sees BFH as a chance for men to recognise themselves as well as explore their potential a bit more than usual. You can interact with her on https://www.instagram.com/deeptidogramua/

  • Bhawana Anand

    Bhawana Anand

    “Inquisitive, Engaging & Epistemophile” are a few traits to explain our Best For Him Podcast Anchor- Bhawana. The ‘Audio Brand Ambassador’ of Best For Him, Bhawana derives conversations with experts to drive the mission with her gift of gab. In the era of feminism, she is a rare soul who understands and fights for the rights of men and that’s what connects her with Best For Him. Rebellious by nature finds peace in meditation as she writes about different techniques and benefits of meditation for Best For Him.You can personally contact her herehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/bhawana-anand-b8958914/

  • Aakanksha Bajpai

    Aakanksha Bajpai

    If the statement being present everywhere suits anyone then that has to be our Editor-in-Chief. The omnipresent, makes sure that the soul of Best for Him is intact and is happily dancing to the tunes of our mission statement. Aakanksha joined as the editor of our website but soon became the core member of the team who is responsible for, well, almost everything from editing the article, to making sure that our audience gets the right content on our various social media. Nothing goes unnoticed under her (big) nose.You can contact her personally on:https://www.linkedin.com/in/aakanksha-bajpai/

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