The Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a process that can be learned and practised in our daily lives. By focusing our energy on the present moment.

(This article is written by Sonal Rajput who is a Mindfulness practitioner and a practising counselling Psychologist and wellness coach for 3+ years with specialisation in dealing with marital and family issues, depression among others. ) In this fast-paced world…

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Journey from being boys to men

Men are seldom made to realise the journey they will undertake in order to realise their growth from boys to men.

Men are typically portrayed as being incompetent, immature, or self-absorbed in Hollywood movies, TV series, cable programs, and even ads. The collective consciousness has been quietly and increasingly affected by this underlying message, with deadly effects. Helping the young man…

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Men’s Fall fashion 2022

Fall fashion for men this year observes some unique trends as well the embracing of a retro look similar to what was seen in the 80’s.

Finally, the fall season has arrived, bringing with it a change in global fashion. Ridhiman Das dives deep into the concurrent trends for 2022–2023 fall fashion and observes the emergence of new trends, the consistency of existing ones, and the…

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Beard brush vs beard comb

There are quite ditinct differences between the beard brush and the beard comb.

Is it preferable to brush or comb your beard at some point during your beard-growing journey? Both of these should be in your grooming kit, even though they both have their places in a beard care routine, according to Cremo.…

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The Best Beard Brushes

Beard brushes are of different types, prices and sizes.

Using beard brushes has benefits for the user beyond just therapy. It was frequently viewed in ancient societies as a kind of morning meditation, a chance for someone to spend 10 minutes taking care of themselves. Over time, it has been…

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Scarf and mufler trend for men

Scarves and mufflers are great fashion accessories for men to elevate thier winter outfits.

Palak Sharma dives deep into the the styling of the scarf and muffler for the gentlemen. Even though most men have finally figured out how to tie their ties after around 400 years. (Well done!) But tragically, the scarf—a simple…

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Different hats a man can own

There are various types of hats for men and Palak sharma helps in distinguishing those from the others.

The hat game is difficult to enter, but once you do, wearing one will make you feel fully outfitted. Hats are lovely because there is one for every situation. There are hats for riding, the beach, formal occasions, and keeping…

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