DIY Jack O Lantern

Halloween is here and as a man it is essential to now how to carve a jack o lantern for your family fun.

It’s that time of year again, when old dress-up clothes resurface, cobwebs are strewn over house facades, and sales for pumpkins perfect for carving into jack-o-lanterns skyrocket. Making a jack-o-lantern is a tradition that dates back to 19th century Ireland,…

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Struggles of bearded men

bearded men face their own share of struggles that others can't even begin to imagine.

We young men are currently learning the hard way that, , great responsibility comes with a great beard. Bearded men love to live by this quote! Sure, having a beard is pretty amazing, it makes you look lot hotter, and…

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How to deal with beard hair loss?

beard loss is more common than you would think.

Men tend to lose their hair frequently, which can impact their confidence and, in some circumstances, entirely change how they feel about themselves. Men do fear beard hair loss too. Lead medical advisor at Chemist Click, Abbas Kanani, discusses Alopecia…

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World Osteoporosis Day

osteoporosis has become common for all ages in recent years.

October 20th is marked as World Osteoporosis Day every year. It aims to spread awareness about silent bone diseases, their prevention and treatments. Even though men can get osteoporosis, even though women are more likely to do so. The false…

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Iconic Beard styles of all time

Beards styles have been around for quite some time but only a few can be deemed as some of the iconic beard styles.

Beard styles for men have seen a significant change over the years and have come to the phase of having thicker and fuller beards. But there are certain styles that become immortal in the fashion world. They were also popularised…

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Men and beard mistakes.

Beard mistakes are common amongst men but they need to be made more aware.

Men and beards are an evergreen topic to discuss. No matter how much you know, you can always find something new to discover around it. Generally, men are very cautious about their beards. But newbies often make a lot of…

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Growing up with a toxic father

Growing up with a toxic father can cause serious psychological damage.

Any child’s first superhero is his dad. Fathers are unstated shields that protect their children. But what if that shield itself starts hurting you? Parenting is the foundation of childhood, and childhood is the foundation of life. Our childhood affects…

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Dealing with anger issues in men

Anger in issues in men are seen to be more common but htere are certain underlying factors behind it.

Being angry whenever things don’t go your way is a basic human nature. We all have different reactions to different situations. So does our ability to express ourselves. Anger issues in men are common but not obvious. It’s a subjective…

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Yes! You are suffering from Burnout

Burnout has become a common phenomenon especially among the working class.

Do you feel lazy? Are you constantly feeling exhausted and have lost any sort of motivation towards your responsibilities? You’re most likely going through a burnout. Burnout is caused by excessive stress which leads to over-exhaustion of your mental health,…

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