Recognising Anxiety in Men

The men in today’s era have been dealing with so many responsibilities on their shoulders. While working from home has increased a man’s presence in his family life, it has also increased the responsibilities. The stress of work, home and…

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Who is the Doctor for Men?

A urologist is the doctor for men.

When asked who a doctor for a woman is, the response will come in as a gynaecologist, however when asked ‘Who is the Doctor for Men’, the responses are confused and sometimes just plain silence. Let’s break it.  Let’s talk.…

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Mental Health tips for Men

Mental Health has been trending after the pandemic, which made us realise the importance of peace. In order to give men a better understanding of mental health, here are some mental health tips that are approved by psychologists.  Men play…

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Men’s Health Problems Over 40

Here are the different health problems a man in his 40s can suffer from.

As a man in his 40s, you should be aware of the health problems you might be suffering from. Men’s health is specifically important as it includes a variety of gender-specific issues, like testosterone production, sexual health and increased likelihood…

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