How to Protect your Online Passwords?

Passwords are your first line of defense from online hackers. They protect your credit car information, your social identities and finances. But men as a whole do a lousy job protecting their passwords. Among young adults, almost 50% don’t choose…

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How Can Men Prevent Diabetes?

By: Dr. Paras Agarwal, Senior Consultant Diabetologist One of the frequently asked questions in our day is, ‘how one can prevent diabetes and keep fit’. With our lifestyles becoming sedentary, the sugar levels have been rising, creating a much induced…

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Best Year End Tips for Men

And another year with COVID amongst us is about to end. These past years, pandemic restricted our movement and made us all miss the mundane life. Although, it also got our minds reloading and understanding that in our race to…

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Useful Android Apps For Men

android apps you never knew existed useful android apps play store best apps for 2022

HiCont – Hide your contacts  This is an amazing app available on Google play store for free. It helps you hide contacts. This will help you avoid conflict with your partner, friends, colleagues or even your boss. HiCont won’t only…

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Skincare to do with Bae

Skin care should be a part of routine for everyone. Although, with less time and more stress, men end up giving less attention to their skin. Couple skin care routines have been on the rise. And rightly so. Having a…

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Piles in Men

Piles in men

One of the most common medical problems yet least talked about is piles. Men in particular who often avoid sharing their personal problems tend to ignore the condition and pass off the discomfort as temporary pain. If any individual is…

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Four C’s of Mental Stability

how to be mentally stable

By Dr. Moumita Nandy Some people seem to quickly bounce back from personal failures and setbacks, while others find it much more difficult. When life knocks you down, are you quick to pick yourself up and adapt to the circumstances?…

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