How to keep things hygienic down there?

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“Hygiene is two thirds of health.” This Lebanese proverb does make a lot of sense. So many diseases are caused by poor hygiene, especially intimate hygiene. It’s the most important place that requires proper hygiene. Men tend to be lazy…

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The Silence that Remains

In the society that we live in today, many people claim to be experts on gender equality, but what is the reality? Reality is something that can’t be fathomed. It’s horrendous, so to speak.  We are all aware of right…

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Easy to make foods for guests

easy to make food at home

Men can cook. How do I know? It’s 2021! That’s why. Even if some of you can’t, don’t panic. We’ve tailored 4 lip-smacking recipes that you can savour with your guests. Let’s get started: Bread poha: If you’re a busy…

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Why do relationships work?

“A life lived in love can never be dull,” turns out Leo Buscaglia isn’t the only one who thinks so.  Let’s go back in time a little bit. Remember the day you met them. There was one thing that stuck…

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Microsoft Surface Go 3 launched in India

Microsoft Surface Go 3 new portable touchscreen pc by microsoft. launched in india december retail launch.

Microsoft has declared its Surface Go 3 Windows-fueled convertible in India. This new profoundly compact PC is accessible in either a dual-core Intel Pentium Gold 6500Y processor or quad-core 10th generation Intel Core i3-10100Y. Microsoft focuses on both – home…

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Best camera phones under 20,000 INR

The camera resolution of a smartphone is just about as significant as the other specifications, to such an extent that the camera execution has become one of the essential necessities for most. In contrast to heavy pro cameras, smartphones are…

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Wedding Season Ensemble for Men

Indian men charming us in ethnic wear

‘Wedding season soaring high but you feeling low.’ Don’t worry! We got your back. With the wedding season comes a range of ethnic wear in the markets that even though are not worn every day but sometimes seems to have…

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Meditation Benefits for Men

Meditation is one of the oldest forms of exercise that was grown in the lands of India. Practiced by our ancestors, recognized experts of various fields, gurus & yogi as well as celebrities for centuries, has unfortunately failed to create…

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Etiquettes Required in a Gentleman

This International Men’s Day theme ‘Better Relations Between Men & Women’ raises a prominent question of ‘how’. Here’s your guide to become a true ‘Gentleman’. This International Men’s Day theme ‘Better Relations Between Men & Women’ is quite appropriate as…

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Wedding Gifts for Men

Unique, stylish and charming gifts for the groom could be hard to find. We have the solution and a list of perfect gifts for the groom. Check here. With the wedding season in tow, comes the mind boggling question of…

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Protein-packed Ragi Balls

Full of Protein, Fiber & Nutrients for your Hectic Mornings. There has always been a great emphasis laid on the significance of breakfast and if you are a health freak who understands that having a healthy and complete breakfast meal…

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Seamless Overnight Oats

seamless overnight oats

Quick, Simple & Healthy recipe to deal with busy morning schedule.  Best for Him Team Mornings can be hectic where you have to accomplish your morning fitness regime, dress up smart for work, leave early to beat the traffic and…

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Cut the female label from Yoga

Relieve stress, get muscle, defined abs, flexibility and more sexual capacity with Yoga. Best for Him Team Generally, various things are categorized on the basis of gender starting from household chores to professions in our country. And now even the…

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Maggi for your soul

Maggi is and has always been the easiest food to cook, but what if we add some indian taste to the mix! by Aakanksha Bajpai Food for our tired soul, Maggi is and always has been the easiest and yet…

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Focus is the new time

As ambitions grow or hardships increase time gets eaten up. There are so many things on the plate as our responsibilities increase and we are out of time. In such a situation making the best use of what we have…

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