Kidney Stones : Do I have them?

Kidney stones

The roots of the history of urinary stone disease dates back to the days of  Ancient Egyptians and Mesapatomia and it has since been a disease of great concern to people and a challenging disease to treat for the physicians.…

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The Boy who went to Space

Members of the blue origin who went to space

Not everyone gets to fulfil their dream of going to space. Although, all of us are fascinated by the possibility of it happening one day. Recently, Jeff Bezos fulfilled his dream and took a 10-minute trip to space. Bezos is…

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A story of coming too soon

Mayank and Monika were good friends and soon they fell in love. Both were on their first date. One great kiss led to another and then they were in bed. In a matter of minutes, it was over. Way too…

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